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Sexual maturity of your animals

Puberty cats

Age of onset of sexual activity cat depends on various factors: the breed, feeding conditions. Usually the signs of puberty pronounced in kittens, already in 7-9-months of age, however, is not recommended pairing of young animals, as early pairing suspends development and can cause infertility in cats and reducing the period of fertility in cats. To avoid this, we recommend pairing only in animals, one year of age.

Heat, especially cat behavior
Unlike dogs, cats no bleeding during sexual hunting. Determine whether there is a cat in heat, we can conduct and on a small swelling of the mucous genitals. During estrus females are more affectionate, they rub against objects, leg master, rolling on the floor, if stroked lumbar - sacral region of the cat, it may come prianalnoy reduction of the cat crouching in the front paws and a kind of "marking time" rear, removes the tail to the side. Animal appetite decreased or absent. Noted frequent urination. Usually during estrus cats begin to issue shrill cries, very unpleasant to the human ear. Is the so-called "erased" in heat, which passes under or discreet muted signs. This is very pleased with ordinary cat owners, and highly frustrating breeders who are planning to have a purebred kittens. To strengthen the signs of heat should keep a cat for some time with a cat or go to the vet.
Duration of sexual hunting in the domestic cat, on average 5-6 days. The intervals between the chutes are different, depending on time of year, breed characteristics of the environment, communication with relatives, and physiological features of the animal. The average is 15-25 days.
If the chute is completed fertilization, all her symptoms completed by the end of two days, and the next estrus in the cat will be just after the birth of kittens and the end of the suckling period for them, that is approximately 3 - 3.5 months. However, if the cat during childbirth will lose all the kittens, the chute will come much earlier, and sometimes it happens that the first sexual cycle can occur even on the second day of lactation.
Contraception and sterilization. If you cannot or do not want to mess with the kittens, or are confident that they will not be able to realize the best way to neuter your cat. Thus, you save yourself from the night "lyrics" suffers from a cat, cat suffering from non-incarnated "love" and reduce the stock of poor homeless animals. In all civilized countries, castration and sterilization of pets, not intended for breeding, is a matter of humane and included in the national program. Cats can be spayed at any age, ranging from six months. The best age for this operation - or a year and a half. Sterilization refers to the number of complex operations, but an experienced veterinarian to hold it without difficulty. Postoperative period lasts 7-10 days. Neutered cat should be protected from hypothermia and to monitor the frequency of urination. Neutered animals are more gentle and calm. Many owners worry that their pet’s rastolsteyut after castration, in fact, this will not happen if you reduce the food portion of his ward, as in castrated animals is the reduction of energy costs. Not lost in these animals want to play and not lost a hunting instinct. So we advise you to think seriously about this problem. There are also drugs that can stop or stifle estrus in cats, but usually they are not effective and sometimes lead to hormonal disruptions in the animal body and cause diseases such as pyometra or vulvovaginitis.
You want your cat has become a mother. If you really want to think about and with full responsibility for the fate of future kittens, then you have the following advice.
Advance should find a suitable cat. When it comes to choosing a pedigree cat, then you need to do this very carefully, since the correct choice has a huge impact on the breed. Indiscriminate use of pedigree cat, even if he is a champion, can cause enormous harm to the breed, particularly where there are hereditary defects. A serious breeder will try to gather as much information on the origin chosen in a couple of my cat breeding cat. To determine possible genetic defects that lead to the usually recessive genes. With regard to visible defects should be aware that they may be due to errors growing and content. For example: overbite can be both inherited and acquired - if, during the change of teeth were not timely removed baby teeth that prevent the growth of indigenous, and bad hair, can result from poor nutrition or care, etc. If the cat has already had offspring, the possible need to see the kittens from other litters from this cat. Well, if the cat turns out to be prepotent, i.e. passed to all offspring of any cat or signs of their good quality. If you cannot pick up a pair for your own pet, consult with experts.
Check your cat for the presence of parasitic, fungal, and viral infectious diseases, to make sure the add in the absence of the cat. Desirable to carry out preventive deworming no later than two weeks before the viscous.
Should cut the cat and the cat claws, that they are not traumatized each other during mating. Animals before the viscous is not recommended to wash, so as not to destroy the odor that attracts individuals to each other. If the animal breeding, to negotiate with the owner of a cat on the payment terms, better writing.
Need to agree and the duration of stay cats in the house where she was brought to the stud. When all agreed and complied with these simple rules, is to take the cat mating. Do not forget to grab your favorite toilet, a bowl and feed on her time "visiting". Well leave portability of your cat that it is not very frightened and could if necessary, hide or rest.

Responsibility of the owner of the cat:
Owner pedigree cat must monitor the animals and help them if necessary during mating. When the house appears strange cat often have some problems in her behavior and actions inexperienced strangers can often lead animals to physical and mental trauma. To avoid this, we recommend: no pairing of two "not isolated" animals do not get a cat right out of carrying and offer it to the cat - let herself out, sniff and get acquainted. Sometimes when a cat is not sufficiently spread out, it can be aggressive or cowardly. Experienced breeders are used in such cases, the cell-cages, through which the animals can sniff and get acquainted with each other without inflicting injury, the cat kept in an aviary as long as she does not tame her donors and is ready to mate. Pairing. At the first pairing is better that one partner had experienced. Cat behavior before mating looks like this: cat sits in front of a meter, while trying to get closer the cat begins to hiss and to show their displeasure. Cat bounces and starts pretending that he was asleep or not paying attention to the female. Cat at this time starts rolling on the floor and meowing invitingly. If a cat suit, she begins to sizzle again, and so a few times, depending on the nature of cats and stage of sexual cycle. When vigilance is lost, the cat quickly enough for the cat mane and makes cages. During copulation the cat produces a deep sound, which is a mixture of joy and pain, then a cat bounces off to the side and begins to lick, and the cat turns on his back and rides. Later, the pairing is performed several times, usually as long as one partner is not sick. In the case of a successful pairing of kittens are born after 58-68 days.

Complications of mating cats
Color question. It sometimes happens that a cat or cats are faithful to one partner for life, even if he later was castrated or killed. In this case, the animal may try to pick up a pair of the same color as her ex-elect (fiancée). The truth does not always lead to positive effect. There are also more complications caused by the color of partners. For example, if a young, inexperienced cat once scratched black cat, then later, this cat can out of fear refuse mating with another, albeit very good and sexy cat of the same color. However, it is perfectly knit cat another color.
Mismatch in size. There are difficulties in the mismatch in size when the cat is too big for the cat. Cote, clutching teeth of the cat's mane, could not impregnate her, so like the back of his torso is on the back of a cat. In this case the owner needs help, which should help the cat, holding hands at the withers cats. Thus, the cat has to catch a cat for the free space below the withers. Cat collapses on its side during mating. The case is quite common. It should help your cat maintain a cat in position; some cats can impregnate a cat, even if she lies on her side or back.
Cat flowing very strongly, but not let the cat. In these cases, ovulation in cats can cause such methods as the stroking of the external genitalia, back and abdomen. In complex cases, to introduce the probe into the vagina (it is best to perform this specialist), and then bit of a cat. You can also make an injection of special drugs that cause ovulation. All this can make a veterinarian or experienced breeder. We hope you will not have any problems.

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