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Dowry for a kitten

Must buy:

1. Bowls for food and water:
Very comfortable double bowls or automatic type  


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2.Tray toilet :
Trays come in several types, but the most convenient toilet-poludomik:

It all depends on the size of your bathroom komnaty.Esli it a little this option suits:

004 005

006Well, if you plan to put the tray in the room, the hallway or the kitchen, then it is convenient to use the toilet-house: and you are insured against spreading of the filler, when the pet will be carefully dig a hole to hide the consequences of their using the toilet. This version and is essential for cats who like to dig trench.
When you bring a kitten into his, but for him a new house, perhaps he did not immediately remember where his toilet. Although Bobtail very clean, and such problems are practically does not exist. But still, help your child. First, use a filler that to which he was taught in the old house. You can mix it with your selected napolnitelem.Postavte tray next to the berth kotenka.Dostatochno couple of times (especially after eating) to put the kitten in the tray, and he understands what he should do. Do not rush to dispose of the stuff - solid waste can be removed immediately, and kotenochnye pools for you almost will not have the smell in the filler. A kitten will remember. If the kitten in the first days of missing the toilet, have a piece of wet wipes in his urine, put in a pan, put the kitten back and give ponyuhat.I main board, it is desirable to train a kitten to a toilet filled with high quality.

3.Filler :
When a kitten is a little better to buy stuff for kittens (because kittens like to try all the taste, the filler "for kittens, safe for them, if it is eaten). We recommend that you use wood, lumps of filler" CATS BEST " It is suitable for any age, and if the kitten will try to taste it, it is absolutely harmless, and the filler is very economical, superbly kept the smell, it can be disposed of in drains.
It is of two types:

for short (in the form of flakes) for long-haired (in the form of granules)
007 008

...but they can be mixed.

4.Forms application point:
They are angular, single, at podstavke.Tak they are impregnated with cat mint and without (if possible at her drip infusion of valerian). Ideal option of combining scratching posts and bed.

009 010 011 012


You will need to visit to the vet for vaccination for travel to the country, the cat for a marriage trip to the cat. Plastic carrying heavier course cloth, but they are not afraid to put on the floor of any unfamiliar space:

012 014

6.Mattress or bed is for the cat, where will its place.
Bobtail not like some private houses, so it is best to purchase such a plan:

015 016 017 018
But the house-transformer is also very attractive Bobtail, the more easily folded and transformed into a soft plate:


Very fond of hanging hammocks:




Bobtail love to drive balls, mouse fur (but fur). They are attracted to mahalochki peryami.No particular pleasure they feel when hiding in the rustling tunnel

021 022 023 024 025

All these products can be purchased here - online pet   or here.



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